Are Anal Beads Safe?

The growing popularity of sex toys proves that users are embracing them as new ways of having erotic fun. Sex toys allow you to go solo when you do not have a partner to fulfill your physical needs. These toys are designed for both males and females. When it comes to sex toys for females, there are a variety of options. However, it is important to understand that every toy is designed for a specific purpose. If you own a dildo, it is perfect for vaginal sex simulation

If you are wondering about putting that vaginal sex toy in your butt to experience anal sex simulation, it might be quite painful and unappealing. Anal beads are considered the best for anal sex simulation. You may probably know what anal beads are and how this sex toy is perfect for anal sex simulation. Are anal beads safe? The answer to this question is explained in this post in a detailed way. So, continue reading to reveal all the important facts about anal beads. 

The risks associated with anal beads:

Your butt is a very sensitive part of your body. Putting something unsafe into it can cause some serious health concerns. You would never try to take such risks and anal beads producing companies know that. They try to produce sex toys that will not put their client’s life in trouble. Anal beads are safe, but not all. 

Just like any other thing in the market, you can find high-quality anal beads and poor quality anal beads. Choosing a poor quality sex toy can be risky because it may cause health issues. Low-quality sex toys are not produced to provide safer sex simulation. These are produced only to offer solo sex simulation and their low-quality material can affect fine shape and health of your fragile body parts. If you are going to buy cheap quality anal beads, you will put your butt in a big risk. 

Do not share it!

The experts suggest that anal beads are safe until you do not share them with some other user. Sharing this sex toy with someone else can put your health under a serious threat because this is how sexual diseases are transmitted. What if another person is suffering from a normal or serious health issue and uses your anal beads. Even though you will clean that sex toys, germs will transmit and affect your health. Therefore, you must protect your sex toy against such issues to keep it safe and enjoy pleasurable anal sex simulation with it. 

Though, it is very unlikely that you will share your anal beads, butt plugs, or dildo with someone. Suppose you do and that person had unsafe sex in the past and got a sexually transmitted disease, the chances are high that it will infect your sex toys. If you use that sex toy in the future, it may easily transmit that sexual disease and put your life in danger.  

Whenever you use anal beads, it gets covered with a lot more bacteria. You need to sanitize that sex toy perfectly in order to remove most of those bacteria. Some bacteria and germs still remain on that sex toy and that can easily transmit to cause serious harm. You will be safe until you keep your sex toy protected. Once you start sharing it, the chances of health threats will be very high. 

Consider the following things to safer anal simulation:

As many users have expressed before, anal beads are safer than many other sex toys sold in the market. It means you can feel safe while putting beads into your butt and enjoying anal simulation. However, there are still a few things you must consider to ensure safety and no health threats. 

  • Choose anal beads with a wider base:

A lot of users are concerned that anal beads will be stuck inside their butt if they put it in. That is never going to happen if you choose anal beads with a wider base. Anus easily swallows beads once you push them further. It will automatically push it further but that wider base will prevent beads from travelling further into your butt. That’s why anal beads are equipped with a pull ring or wide t-base. You just need to hold it and move it back and forth to enjoy anal sex simulation. 

You should put smaller size beads inside your butt, in the beginning, to be familiar with how it works. Thus, you will know that you can easily push beads in and pull them out whenever you want. It will not be stuck in your anus and the fear of getting your butt filled with beads will be eliminated. The problem may occur only if you choose anal beads with a narrow base. 

  • Which material can be risky for anus?

Anal beads are designed to go into the user’s butt. Putting anything in there can be risky if the material is harmful. Sex toy manufacturers use a variety of materials to prepare anal beads. You can find this sex toy built from rubber, silicone, latex, jelly, TPE, TRP, flesh-like, metal, plastic, and also from glass. Are all these materials safe to put inside your body? The answer is no because some materials can cause health threats. That’s why the experts suggest doing some good research before buying anal beads and other sex toys. 

Some sex educators favour materials such as glass, silicone, and steel. These non-porous materials do not accommodate bacteria. So, whenever you enjoy a pleasing anal sex simulation, you can clean the beads to remove all the germs and bacteria. Anal beads built from rubber, latex, and plastic can contain bacteria that may cause health issues. Therefore, you should always go with higher quality material to ensure no health threats. 

  • Replace old anal beads before it is too late:

Nothing lasts forever. Even though you buy the highest quality anal beads, it will get older and wear out. You will find that the surface of beads is not smoother anymore. Putting such rough sex toy in your butt can cause serious problems. It may turn into a very painful experience and totally eliminate your interest in anal sex. You should not let it happen because you can buy new high-quality anal beads to be safe while putting them in your butt. 

  • Never put anal beads in your vagina:

Some users face problems because they use the same sex toy for both anal and vaginal sex simulation. First of all, it is very risky because that sex toy will be wrapped in a huge number of bacteria when you will put it in your butt. Those bacteria can easily enter into the vagina and cause threat. You should at least sanitize anal beads before putting them into your vagina to avoid major health risks. 

Anal beads are safe and offer a lot more pleasure than you could ever wonder. There are some conditions of using it and you must comply with those conditions. Say no, whenever someone asks you to share your sex toy and keep it sanitized before every use. That’s how you can be safe when using anal beads and avoid troubles.

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